Iv’e Landed in 1981, Tony Basil’s “Hey Mickey” Video

Fun Fact- The varsity jacket is from my cheerleading days at LBHS.

Keep your Lattes’ I’ll have a Venti Pumpkin Rock


Get me to the Cantina- Stat!

Waiting Patiently Hyperspace


Hello Moto

Space Truckers favorite communication, the 2004 motorola pink Razr! Lift Up the Receiver I’ll Make You A Believer. just kidding!I would never Talk and Fly at the same time

Personal Space Trucker

Ex Machina Get Down Saturday Night

In the Depeche Universe

  #whiskeysodarocknroll #stink

Addicted to Space Truckin’

Ode to Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love.  Special thanks to our sponsor #robotab

Tiki Trucker- Space Trucker Gets Tipsy

I”ve landed at Bootlegger Tiki Bar in Palm Springs.  what is YOUR favorite tiki drink? Comment above! Send me some tiki advice, Careful now, you don’t want to anger the tiki gods, remember that Brady Bunch Episode. Bootlegger… Read More