Tiki Trucker- Space Trucker Gets Tipsy

I”ve landed at Bootlegger Tiki Bar in Palm Springs. 

Tipsy Trucker

what is YOUR favorite tiki drink? Comment above! Send me some tiki advice, Careful now, you don’t want to anger the tiki gods, remember that Brady Bunch Episode.

Bootlegger In Palm Springs- Order the Aztek Disco, it comes on fire

4 Comments on “Tiki Trucker- Space Trucker Gets Tipsy

  1. Make mine a Saucy Bossy or Nun Ya Beezwax….and I will get spacey too!

    • Have you heard of the drink, the Con Mom? By the end of the night, the mixologist will be paying YOU to drink them :p

    • Delivery coming on up! Once I can get the DeLorean started…

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