Hello Space Friend!

Join Space Trucker & travel through the Universe!  I want YOUR suggestions on where to travel next, hit the comment button at the top of the post.  If I travel to your destination, I will send you a custom photo!

XOXO Space Trucker


Iv’e Landed in 1981, Tony Basil’s “Hey Mickey” Video

Fun Fact- The varsity jacket is from my cheerleading days at LBHS.

Keep your Lattes’ I’ll have a Venti Pumpkin Rock


Get me to the Cantina- Stat!

Waiting Patiently Hyperspace


Space Trucker Roboto

May I have this dance?

What is YOUR favorite song to dance too?

Let the Universe know, & Comment above!

Hello Moto

Space Truckers favorite communication, the 2004 motorola pink Razr!

Lift Up the Receiver I’ll Make You A Believer. just kidding!I would never Talk and Fly at the same time

Personal Space Trucker

Twin Peaks Space Trucker

Never fear Agent Cooper, Space Trucker is Here! And I brought my ray gun. I’ve landed in the Black Lodge. I’ve heard the coffee is Damn fine.

Ex Machina Get Down Saturday Night

In the Depeche Universe


#whiskeysodarocknroll #stink